Cleveland ConCoction: And that’s a wrap

We’re home from ConCoction and now it’s time to start getting busy for Cape Comic-Con.

It was great seeing everyone, and we had some great table neighbors.  I failed in getting our friends name with the Funko Pop’s but on the other side of us was Rachael and her partner in crime.  Next row over was Steve with Claude Raymond Designs and Beth with Crafty Squirrel Designs, who are always great folks to talk with.

As a result of our Pop neighbor, I am going to put a few Pop’s on our table again (I’ve had a couple over time) to fill in the “Toy” category that we’ve been missing for the last few conventions.  I’ve already picked up about a dozen exclusive toys from Walgreens, Game Stop, Target and Barnes and Nobles.  I’ll have a few more by the time Cape Comic-Con rolls around.

I do want to find a way to put them on-line for sale as well, so I have to tinker with the site a bit.  I may end up moving  some of the content back to a private server rather than the site that we’ve been using.  Stick with us as we figure this out.

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