OddMall: Akron May 5-6, 2018


Wow, I’ve been negligent in working on the page for a while.  This coming weekend Dave will be bringing the booth to OddMall in Akron Ohio!  We’ll have the ears, tails and many of our usual items, but we’re adding in a few new things.  Baseball, Non-Sports and Collectible Trading Card Games.  As well as some vinyl stickers to slather your object of choice in.

End of year

Well, Jekyll Island has come and gone.  Oddmall: Akron is our next booked show, and that’s in May.  We’re doing some major discussions over here in Cynosure-land about our future and will let you folks know.

2017 was a very slow year for us, we didn’t have many shows booked due to moving, health and a death in the immediate family.  2018 doesn’t look much better on bookings.

We have the Etsy store as well as our convention appearances, so if you need something from us, hit us there.  We try to keep the full inventory there as long as it’s hand crafted.

From all of us (the two of us) to all of you.  Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year, and any of the other accepted greetings for this time of year.

D & T

Jekyll Island!

Con Announcement:  Thistle and I will be at Jekyll Island Comic Con on Dec 9 & 10’th, 2017.  This is off the coast of Georgia just south of Savannah.  This will be our first time at this show and have only heard good things about it.  We’ve been trying to make it there since we heard about it before their second year.


Road Trip Hiatus (Summer Vacation)

We’re going to stick close to home for a while, with no shows booked at this time.  Etsy is still up and running, and will be our primary site for the down time.  It’s not that we’re stopping going to shows, we’re just on Summer Vacation for a bit.

We’ll post new things and projects here so we’re not forgetting folks.  We plan on attending DragonCon (or at least right now we do).  And I’m always eyeing Jekyll Island Comic Con in December, as well as the other Oddmall’s that are coming up.

We’ll see you soon, we’ll announce some bookings soon, believe me 🙂