Current Status:

We’re still here. It’s a bit of a break for us. Our next scheduled show is Oddmall. It is in October in Toledo, OH.

During the off time, we can get caught up on a few things we owe people (Danielle, I’m looking at you). As well as put together a few new things. We’ll keep you updated as we make stuff, and see you in a few months.

Dave and Thistle


GLaRE 2016

Weekend two coming up in a few days, and we’ll be at GLRE in St Louis.  This is going to be a different kind of show for us, and hope to have a nice game filled weekend.   See you there (unless you obfuscate).



ConQuest KC

It’s 5am.  Do you know where the Cynosure gang is?  We’re loading the Jeep and heading out for the other side of the state.  First stop?  Coffee of course <grin>.  We’re heading for Conquest in Kansas City.  We’ll be there the next few days while the cat sitter takes care of the “kids”.  Come on out and see us in our second KC show (in two weeks even).  Watch the Instagram feed as usual to check out what we see.


Planet Comic-Con

We survived it!  Our first big con was a great learning experience, we know more on what products will do better there, versus those that don’t.  What got looked at and what didn’t.  Sales were cat ears, cat ears and more cat ears!!!  Thistle had to stay up late each evening and make more just so we could meet the demand.

Saw lots and lots of really cool cos-play costumes.  Didn’t take as many pictures as I wanted but got a few good ones.  Have you checked out our Instagram feed?  I post pictures from the conventions over there as the con occurs.  Check out the above featured image for a great Scarecrow variant.  IMG_1241