Soon: Tis the Season!

Hi everyone!  I know I’ve been quiet for a while, we just finished the Halloween show up in Toledo, Ohio with the Oddmall gang.  Our next show is the Christmas show in Canton, OH.  We’ll be set up a bit different at that show with a 10×10 booth for a change.

We had a few people asking about specific Funko Pops, so if you are still interested in them, send us an email at cynosurehobbies at gmail so we can put them on the list to either look for or to order from the distributor.



Current Status:

We’re still here. It’s a bit of a break for us. Our next scheduled show is Oddmall. It is in October in Toledo, OH.

During the off time, we can get caught up on a few things we owe people (Danielle, I’m looking at you). As well as put together a few new things. We’ll keep you updated as we make stuff, and see you in a few months.

Dave and Thistle


GLaRE 2016

Weekend two coming up in a few days, and we’ll be at GLRE in St Louis.  This is going to be a different kind of show for us, and hope to have a nice game filled weekend.   See you there (unless you obfuscate).